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Yolande: Where had my thoughts gone?

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About Yolande

In 2003 Yolande was overtaken in an eternal moment by a clear and spontaneous awakening to her true nature.


Since then, Yolande offers her message with gentleness, accompanied by an impersonal authority that visibly comes from the absolute clarity.


“The most loveliness is inner Silence. The Silence releases us. The Silence helps and heals us. ”


Yolande’s teaching is the expression of her own experience and consciousness.


SILENCE is the true teaching based on what springs spontaneously from consciousness. Wanting to adjust this spontaneous outpouring to what you believe you are is impossible.



Yolande offers no dogma, no method. She points out what our life could be out of the beliefs which weave a rigid cocoon around us and we no longer perceive the sense of existence. Behind this cocoon, a butterfly beats, ready to open its wings. Just as Yolande says, we only need to surrender to the spontaneous understanding with an absolute trust.


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