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Venu: Interview in English by Anushree

Anushree has invited Venu to come to Spain, Andalusien 15.-17.8.2016 to give Body-Satsang there.

Live Meditation with Venu

Worldwide Women's Meditation with Venu ( Female Wisdom: Cleansing, Awakening & Healing the Womb. This last 15min of the recording is missing: breathing out becoming empty, letting go of all dreams...; please lay down at the end of the meditation and rest.



Venu KM Buckley
She is invited into different city's for Satsang and interested in self-enquiry since 2003.
Inspired & reminded by different 'Lovers of Truth' like: Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Isaac, Samarpan with easiness, gentleness, femininity and humor she gives the taste of ordinary everyday, intuitive free being-ness.


Since a few years she has no “permanent residence” and feels “Home” as a place in the heart. Her life is a kind of dedication to Satsang, devotionally she loves to be available for people searching for peace, joy, healing and love. 

"We can only remind each other of who we really ARE, there is no teacher and no student."


Body-Satsang is an invitation to wake up in each cell, from old conditioning and beyond… it's a gentle invitation which leads out of the analyzing mind and flows directly into the moment. Here all concepts and boundaries disappear. Welcome home to your true nature!


"A new beginning of living LIFE totally – “LOVE simply loving itself” – free without concepts!" 

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Next Retreat with Venu 06th - 21st Nov in the Sahara



Last updated: August 2016, 11th