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The Trailer for the SAND 2013

The Science And Nonduality Gathering Europe 2013 will take place from 28th of May until the 2nd of June 2013 at the Zonheuvel Conference Centre in Doorn in the Netherlands.  Here the trailer:


Gangaji at the SAND 2012

Video from Gangaji at the SAND 2012: "Nature of Self"


Isaac Shapiro at the SAND 2012

Isaac Shapiro at the SAND 2012: "How stress evolved from being a survival mechanism to a threat"


Rick Linchitz at the SAND 2012

Rick Linchitz at the SAND 2012: How has cancer impacted you?


Gangaji at the SAND 2012

Gangaji at the SAND 2012: "The evolution and function of emotions".


Thomas Hübl at the SAND 2012

Thomas Hübl at the SAND 2012: "The collapse of social structures as part of the awakening"


Unimani at the SAND 2012

Unimani at the SAND 2012: "Unmani Radical honesty with emotions"


Jeff Foster at the SAND 2012

Jeff Foster at the SAND 2012: "Emotions, feelings and sensations are neither personal nor impersonal"


Francis Lucille at the SAND 2012

Francis Lucille at the SAND 2012: "Happiness is our true nature"


More Videos from the SAND 2012

For more videos from the SAND 2012 please klick here: 

Science and Nonduality Conference in Europe

From 29th of May to 3rd of June 2012 the first Science and Nonduality Conference in Europe will take place, the SAND 2012 EUROPE - in The Netherlands, about 60 km from Amsterdam.


As a spokesman e.g. Jeff Foster, Isaac Shapiro, Unmani, Karl Renz and Florian Schlosser will attend the conference.


We have created this subpage for the Science and Nonduality Conference in Europe with links to videos of Gangaji, Rick Linchitz, Francis Lucille, Unmani, Mooji, Jeff Foster and Amit Goswami from privious conferences and videos from Nisargadatta:


More information about the SAND:


All videos from the Sience and Nonduality Conference at Youtube:

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