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Hans Steinke: Just Now - Part II

Second part of the video with Hans Steinke.

Hans Steinke: Just Now - Two Bodies, One Consciousness

This video is from March 2012. Thanks to Steffen Seifarth for offering to us this video for publishing on behalf of Hans Steinke. 


Hans Steinke

1947     Born in northern Germany.

1962 – 1978 Training as a carpenter and draftsman, working art school, military, first marriage, casual works, study and work as an architect.

1979     Birth of his daughter Lucie

1979 – 1992 Meeting and student body with the Indian master OSHO.
Emigration to India.

5 years practicing Rebalancing Bodyworker, followed by 10 years as a spiritual stand-up Comedian in ‘The World of Osho’.
Beginning of the therapeutic and spiritual work with people in Europe.

1993 – 1996 Encounter and student body with the Indian advait-teacher and master POONJAJI in Lucknow / India.

First satsang in Israel, Sicily, Switzerland, France, Norway, Sweden and Finland

It was never about me for something to achieve, but only about recognizing something.

Now I call it simply: ‘The natural movement towards wisdom’. There is a knowingness inside, a sense of fundamentel trust, to be directed and moved naturally. You can not explain it, but this current phenomenon is to obvious, as it does not exist or could be overlooked. Impersonal events – ‘The Tao of Life’ – is the very significant energy’ thread ‘of my story.

It is a process by the Me, the ‘I’ or so-called person or actor to play no role, even though ‘you’ will always want it otherwise.”


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