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Net answer - your personal Satsang Video

Net answer – a service by Here-Now-TV: Padma Wolff answers individual questions by Internet Video Satsang


If you have a question for Padma or would like to receive some suggestions or an impulse for your spiritual self-inquiry, you can register here and write to Padma. She will let you know whether she believes a net answer could be useful for you. Then Padma will record a video with her answer and up-load this to the Internet. You will receive a private link that is provided exclusively to you (which you may pass on to others, if you wish). You can use this link to download the video onto your computer or watch it online as often as you wish for a period of 60 days.


You can send your question(s) to Padma using the contact form (please include a photo of yourself, if possible). There is no charge for this. Padma will then let you know by e-mail whether she can provide you an internet answer. The net answer will usually be produced within four to ten days, though it may take somewhat longer at times when Padma is on the road.


You will receive a password protected link to your answer video. You can view it as often as you like and share the link as you please. This means it is totally up to you who has access to the video. (Jetzt TV/Here-Now TV Team members, who may have viewed your net answer for technical purposes during its processing, are bound to professional discretion regarding the contents of questions and answers.)


With your written permission, the net answer may later be published as a regular video contribution on Here-Now-TV.


Contact form

Padma will be available for one to two net answers per month free of charge (or by voluntary donation to Padma); additional answers can be set up by arrangement. Once the net answers that Padma is giving for free within the framework of this project of Here-Now TV are exhausted, the contact form will not be displayed until the beginning of the next month. In such cases, there an explanatory message will appear.


About the net answer communication form

In general Padma invites people who feel drawn to her particular transmission to experience direct personal contact with her at Satsang events or retreats. Private sessions, either in person or by phone, can also be arranged. Net answers are an additional form of support. For now, Padma considers this communication form an experiment. It remains to be seen whether and how deeply this form of communication can serve spiritual self-inquiry.


Important notice

According to German law, legal regulations of orders made via internet stipulate that you have a right to countermand only until the production of the answer video has been started, because this is an individual service rendered based on the customer’s instructions. 


Padma’s net answers are equivalent to general life counselling. They do not replace treatment by a (psycho-) therapist, physician or health care practitioner. Padma Wolff and Jetzt-TV / Here-Now-TV do not accept responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information, references or advice supplied in the video. Padma Wolff and Jetzt-TV / Here-Now-TV are not liable for any material and/or immaterial damage caused by utilization or lack of utilization of the information, references or advice provided, or by utilization of incorrect and/or incomplete information, references or advice, as long as there is no wilful fault with criminal intent or demonstrable gross negligence.


Should the views uttered by Padma in the video be understood as a call to changing the conduct of his/her life by the customer, Padma Wolff and the Jetzt-TV / Here-Now-TV team accept no liability for consequences of any kind for the customer’s health and well-being that result from this, either directly or indirectly.

Last Updated: April 10, 2008

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