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Papaji: "Let there be Peace"

Satsang with Papaji from the double-DVD: „Early Teachings” – Part 1 and Part 2


Watch the video Watch video part 1


Direct awakening, the unchangeable, the external objects, freedom everywhere, no runaway, no postponement after 35 million years


Watch the video Watch video part 2


Pictures of the cave where Ramana meditated, the true desire for freedom, bliss itself, the Buddha nature in everyone, self and ignorance, Samsara


Sri H.W.L. Poonja

Sri H.W.L. Poonja, alias Poonjaji or Papaji, was born in Punjab (now part of Pakistan) in 1910 and died in Lucknow (Northern India) in 1997. He awakened in the presence of his master Ramana Maharshi who instructed him to perform all worldly tasks and take care of his big family. So for many years he worked as an engineer with a mining company in Kerala. After retirement Poonjaji went travelling and later he settled down in Lucknow where between 1990 and 1997 he attracted a steady stream of Western seekers. Many people who came to see him were deeply touched by the strength and lovingness of his (non-) teaching about freedom as the ultimate truth.


These days many awakened men and women refer to him as their master and he is considered an important link to Ramana Maharshi. Poonjaji: "There is no search, because you can search only for something you have lost. Simply be still. Leave all thoughts aside. Then you will know who you really are."


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Last Updated: May 20th, 2013