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Prajnaji, born in Panama, had a near-death-experience after an accident at the age of 33. She was determined to join a convent when – while travelling in India – she had a vision of the great Indian saint Ramana Maharshi who told her to go and visit Papaji. When she met Papaji in Lucknow her life changed radically and under his loving guidance she remembered who she is. As the process of disidentification with the thoughts ended, Prajnaji embraced pure consciousness. With Papaji she learnt to trust, allow herself to be playful and let her energy and Latin-American temperament soar high.


Finally Papaji instructed her to give Satsang. Prajnaji loves working with kids, especially with Indigo children, because of their spontaneity, joyfulness and innocence.


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Last Updated: March 7th, 2017